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Experience an eternal bliss right from the moment you step into our truly mesmerizing andultra lavish cottages.


At Andy’s Boutique Hotel, we serve you a world fusion gourmet traditionally prepared using purest ingredients at our four different thematic in-house restaurants.


Foot tapping music, cheers-worthy drinks and mouthwatering food, this Wild West style, full-service bar offers you everything you need.

Banquet Events

Every celebration needs the perfect getaway venue. And that’s just what Andy’s offers you.

Mumbai’s Secret Getaway

The Andy's 1979 Boutique Hotel & Resort offers the perfect setting for rare moments of romance, adventure, and excitement

How far do you need to go before you leave it all behind? How far before the clink of champagne flutes is accompanied by the cry of seagulls? How far before the tinkle of relaxed laughter punctuates the breeze blowing through the trees? Take a leisurely drive down to Madh Island and discover one of Mumbai’s best kept secrets. Discover the pleasures of privacy in a boutique hotel with just six bespoke rooms. And four full-fledged restaurants. Ease those tense city muscles into a gentle rhythm in the turquoise pool. Let the sky bear witness as a long, cold drink tempers a warm, red sunset. And when the whisper of the waves, floats uninterrupted through the night, and lulls you to sleep, you’ll know you’ve arrived. At Andy’s 1979 – Mumbai’s secret getaway.


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